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'Hindustan', covers news across the entire spectrum of international, national and local news relating to politics, business, entertainment, sports and other general interests. The first edition of 'Hindustan' was published on April 12, 1936 from Delhi and the reach of our newspaper now extends to 5 regions, namely, Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Bihar, Jharkhand and Delhi NCR. In the recently declared readership results (IRS Q2 2019), Hindustan has continued its lead and remains the second largest read newspaper in India.

As per the IRS report (Q2,2019)Hindustan has a readership base of over 5.29 crore readers. Hindustan now has a 45% share of readership in Uttar Pradesh, with a total readership of 2.81 crore in UP. Hindustan continues to maintain its dominant position in Bihar and Jharkhand with 68% and 49% share of total readers.

The gains across all markets clearly demonstrate the growing strength of Hindustan daily.

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LiveHindustan.com is Hindustan's newspaper's Hindi News website, It delivers far more than what Language sites are typically credited for. Its comprehensiveness and exclusive online content by the online editorial team adds to the huge print repository of stories carried in the parent brand Hindustan, and is updated round the clock with the latest in breaking news action. The legacy values of the Hindi print flagship brand - Hindustan - can be seen upheld in the online avatar bringing to the table its credibility; authenticity and unbiased content, to provide its dedicated reader base a Best in Class Hindi News & Content site.

On the Content front, apart from News, LiveHindustan.com extends the Brand Promise of Empowerment - 'Tarraki ka naya nazaria' and has interactive elements to increase the interaction with the brand at more direct levels.

Comprehensive Multimedia Content across sections, ball by ball Cricket Coverage, minute by minute Business updates and analysis, and Special in-depth exclusive Features on content across sections, are some of the other features which distinguish this site from other run-of-the-mill Hindi News sites.

Nandan, HT Media's monthly Children Magazine is more than 47 years old brand. The magazine was started in November 1964 in the memory of Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru, with its first issue being dedicated to the late Prime Minister. Over the years it has developed a strong bond with its readers and is extremely popular among children and their families in India and abroad. Taking an edge over other children magazines, Nandan provides a mix of traditional and modern stories, poems, interactive columns, interesting facts and many educative columns, leading to wholesome development of our children. It keeps our children abreast with our cultural ethos, exposes them to latest happenings in and around world and engages them into numerous fun activities, shaping their mind and behavior in a positive way.  
Kadambini is a monthly magazine for the evolved, discerning reader who is yearns for something 'intelligent' to read. A socio- cultural magazine that was started in 1960. In the 51st year of it's reigning over its readers heart , a non political magazine that has carved a niche for itself amongst the other hindi magazines Notable & award winning authors like Ajenya, Mahadevi Verma & Kunwar Narayan with their writings have made significant contributions to this magazine; the only magazine of its kind with a unique blend of literature, culture, science and life, it sees things in a different perspective, and goes behind the scenes instead of looking at things superficially. A magazine for thought leaders giving them a fresh perspective on a variety of topics- literature, art, culture, health,technology, fashion, travel, beauty etc.